Monday, 20 May 2013

New Keys

So finally, camera sorted out and photos of the new keys that I promised such a long time ago (February last year ) In some ways they're still a work in progress, but in general I'm happy with the overall appearance and performance. Here's the long C and Bb.

and a closer look at the same...

and the long F and G#

It's amazing how the camera shows up all the little details that one doesn't particularly want to be seen, such as the micro scratches on the silver, the little flakes of shellac on the key cups and the polish mark around the R1 finger hole, because I was playing the flute with polishy fingers in the workshop.

For those who might be interested the technical details, photos taken with a Nikon 5000D at 1/1.6 sec, F16, ISO 100, 5000 K white balance...and a little bit of very basic tweaking in iPhoto ( it really is very basic)

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