Monday, 27 February 2012


Last Friday brought a TG4 TV crew to the workshop, filming for a program called Deanta in Eireann (Made in Ireland) which is not just about flutes, or even just about music, but about all sorts of things made in the country. Given the state of the place at the moment, there is a movement to try to help matters by supporting local industry.
 I was interviewed by Manchán Magan, and the talk got around to something that surprised him a lot....the fact that a lot of the traditional flutes available in Irish music shops are from Pakistan and India! So we discussed the economics of handmade versus mass produced instruments. Be interesting to see how it comes out. Not sure when it will be shown, but watch this space.
Which reminds me, that since we're on the topic, the program, featuring yours truly as a low whistle maker, in the Ceird an Cheoil series, made about four years ago, was re-shown recently.
You can still get it on the TG4 player
NB the funky lighting in the workshop, produced with the aid of a smoke machine, no less!
Coladh sámh agaibh....

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  1. Heard about your blog at the C&F website. Very interesting! I'm just starting to learn about flutes & playing.