Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mick Woods-The Forgotten Virtuoso

What with all the to-do about the John McKenna book and CD release, Conal mentioned to me a recording that we had often talked about, by a player who is often mentioned in connection with John McKenna, and no wonder since the recording is called "A Tribute to John McKenna". I thought I had a  copy of the original vinyl LP, but a search failed to turn it up, so Conal gave a me a CD copy of it that Sean Gilrane had given him.
Small world.
Anyway, I hadn't listened to it for years, and now I wonder why? It's an amazing album of wonderfully rhythmic and technically accomplished playing, and it's a damn shame that it's no longer available. A quick search on the net shows no copy available for sale anywhere currently.
 I wonder what it would take to organise a re-release?

The full details of the recording if you want to try and track a copy down are:

MICK WOODS with guitar A Tribute to John McKenna, Inchecronin, England, INC 7420

Searching in the ITMA online catalogues shows up another few recordings where he played with others or on individual tracks. See those here. I don't think they have any sound files online, but of course you can here them all by visiting Merrion Square.

I started to make a few enquiries about the man himself, with the intent of writing a short biog, but on consulting the flute playing oracle Sean Gilrane, he referred me to a detailed account of the man that was published in the Leitrim Guardian, which you can find here.

Mick Woods is still alive, although not playing anymore, but is still in excellent health, and drinking a few pints!

On a different tack, I finally got around to dipping my toe into the social media world in the form of Twitter. It's more of a personal account but does have occasional  musical/flute content

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    1. Hi Rosalind,
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