Sunday, 7 October 2012

And on my windowsill today...

Just in passing here's a shot of the windowsill in my workshop just above my silver work bench.

From left to right, this is what was on it on the 3rd of October:
A length of 6mm stainless steel threaded bar...part of the make up of a screw cork.
A bellows from a set of Northumbrian pipes, which I made in the early 80s. The bellows alone survives.
Sticking up behind the bellows, and not very visible...a bore measuring gauge.
The strange yoke with holes, is a tensioner from the rear stay of a small sail boat ( anyone want to buy a small sail boat?)
An old boxwood folding carpenters rule, and just beside it a double pencil sharpener.
A piece of coral, picked up on the beach on Aitutaki, Cook Islands.
A Phaleanopsis orchid, that I'm trying to encourage to flower again. (seems to be working!)
A cable tie (not everything here is interesting) Sticking up is the handles of a large artery forceps which makes a great clamp for holding very small things.
The tip of what must have been a very large elephant tusk.
A Banksia nut, turned to a cylinder.
A .270 cartridge ( spent)
An engineers square.
Finally a series of books, mostly workshop notebooks, but also including:
Traditional Slow Airs of Ireland, Ó Canainn
Workshop technology Part 2, Chapman
An Index of Musical Wind-Instrument Makers, Langwill ( Ist ed. 1960)
Band Instrument Repair Manual, Brand
Harrison Horizontal Milling Machine Manual
Hardening, Tempering, and Heat Treatment, Cain
A Zeus book
Running a Milling Machine, Colvin

So there you are now...

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